Thursday, July 05, 2012

Ammunition For The Republician Nominee

I was just watching two young men on FOX News who are leaders of an organization called The Turning Point( "").

These two young men were in high school last presidential election, and were a part of the massive and enthusiastic young support movement that propelled Obama into office.

Whats their turning point? They're turning away from Obama and his broken promises to them about the deficit. And this election they can vote.

To quote one of them:

"We are looking at two different Obamas, candidate Obama and President Obama. Candidate Obama came to our campus in 2008 , looked us straight in the eye, and promised us he would cut the deficit in half his first four years in office. Instead he has added 5 trillion dollars more to the debt."

He went on to say that Candidate Obama had been highly critical of President Bush's increase of the debt by 4 trillion dollars in eight years, even calling it unpatriotic, and had said that it was their generation that then President Bush was saddling with massive debt.

Now, we all see that Obama - along with the present Congress - has saddled their generation with a massive and unprecedented increase in this debt,  and will make it insurmountable given another four years... along with massive new tax increases.

Even the turncoat Supreme Court has now joined the party by telling Congress and whoever is president  that they can mandate (order) any and all Americans to buy whatever they decide is "good  for the economy", or face huge fines to be collected by the IRS.

And you didn't think there was a $50,000 Chevy Volt in your future. Silly you.

If Obama's competition in the coming election can't win over the young vote with ammunition like this, they shouldn't be in the race.

I'm not mentioning Romney above, because I'm still not certain that Romney - the Champion of Wall Street  and the  bankers best  buddy - will be in the race.

Day dreaming here, but perhaps all those younger Americans, white, brown, yellow and black, the ones that now realize Social Security will never be a part of their retirement plans (even though they are paying for it), will finally understand it's their future being sold down the river, that it's them every Congress and president for the last twenty five years has lied to, double crossed, and betrayed.

That's a lot to hope for, particularly from a generation so brainwashed they refuse to even enter into discussions about unpopular things adversely affecting their future.

Note to you younger Americans still pro-Obama or on the fence:

Don't blame me or those in my generation like me. We have fought against this horribly out-of-control federal government for decades. Put the blame where it belongs:

On the 600 or so bought-out cretins in Congress and the White House, the "Professional politicians that have been shafting all of us for years and years, the ones who have run up the debt you will spend your lives trying to pay off.

Or not... It's still your choice.

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texlahoma said...

Good for them, I was foolish enough to believe Obama's lies too.

It didn't take me long to see that Obama was even worse than Bush.
It is amazing to me that anyone still supports Obama, it's like they are under a spell. A stupidity spell.