Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well. That Settles It

Or so she thinks:

United Nations Development Programme head Helen Clark told AFP in an interview:  “So the issue is how to get human development that will see it continue to rise for the world’s poorest people and people in developing countries. Because frankly human development in the West – we don’t need more cars, more TV, whatever. Our needs are by and large satisfied, although the recession has put a lot of strains on that.”

Helen Clark(Above). she would  happily change your life... for the worse.

Clark, the former prime minister of New Zealand,  also stressed the responsibility of richer countries to reduce their environmental footprint: "There is, in my opinion, a very heavy responsibility on the countries of the north to look at how they sustain their living standards with a much lower environmental footprint."

Former prime minister of New Zealand... That explains a lot. Of course, it's just her "opinion" Unfortunately, she is in a position to force that opinion down other peoples throats.

No more new car, or that larger flat screen,  She already believes we don't need any guns, period.

We must all start sacrificing our own future so those 12th century savages in places like Yemen or Afghanistan or Somali can have more of... well... everything, things we have worked hard for - but they haven't.

Ms. Clark no doubt wants her UN department to spread things from the "richer countries" around more - at our expense of course.

What a twit. No doubt a highly educated twit, which also helps to explain her obvious bias.

Highly educated, well-placed,  politically powerful. Definitely not stupid. But very. very dumb.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Nothing has permanently ruined more individuals than an education in folly at the University of Ignorance. - Emerson
New Zealand has a giant feminStaazi-lesbian "footprint", which also explains much.

texlahoma said...