Friday, June 22, 2012

The Barbarians Are Running Amok

The above four, plus two more yet to be arrested, figured that a man's life was worth less than an order of Chinese food and 48 dollars.

From the Article:

"After shooting Zhen Bo Liu on a dark Wilmington street, the gunmen stole his food delivery of chicken wings and shrimp fried rice and shared the meal among their accomplices at a nearby house. After eating, they returned to view Liu's body and rummage through his car.
When police arrived on South 13th Street to begin their investigation into Liu's June 14 death, the only things missing from the 60-year-old delivery driver's vehicle was the order of food and $48 in cash."

Chicken wings and shrimp fried rice.  Just delivering them in America can be more deadly than a year of driving the dirt roads of Afghanistan.

Like I've said before, the Barbarians are no longer threatening us at the gate, they are on our streets. And those witless fools in Washington think we don't need to own or carry.

There was a TV ad some time ago about something or other that said "Don't leave home without it".

Nowadays they would be talking about your piece.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Got mine.
Had to:
I work Second Shift, and the number of dopeheads, pinheads and pricks on the prowl tends up as the sun goes down.
Let them come.
Bring it on...
Just be ready to pay for the stupidity of fucking with me or mine with your life.

Bob said...

My wife had a conceal and carry permit while working at a 7-11 in Seattle that had been robbed more than once.

Thankfully there was never an incident while she worked there, which was for only a short time until she found much better employment elsewhere.

I say thankfully because Seattle is the northwest's ground zero for liberal idiots, and should wife had sent some 80IQ savage to the morgue, the infectious colony of Seattle liberals would have made her the criminal.

texlahoma said...

Oklahoma has a new law, not yet in effect. If you have a concealed carry license, you can open carry.

Which is good, but I'd only do concealed anyway, why show your hand?

Bob said...

I believe I can open carry already here in Terrell, Texas, but I'm not certain.

But like you say, why show your hand?