Friday, June 29, 2012


Take a close look at that map.

It shows the power plants the Obama Administration and that unhinged female Lisa Jackson at the EPA will be closing down in the near future. They are not planning to close them down, they are in the process of  actually shutting them down.

These targeted plants and generating units provide over 10% of the nations electical power. If one of them is near where you live, standby for brownouts and blackouts - which will always occur at the worst possible times: During extremely cold or extremely hot weather.

That means no lights or heat  during a winter storm, no lights or air conditioning during a summer heat wave.

You Obama-loving liberals out there,  you gotta start understanding what  those maniacs in Washington are doing. You need to realize how Obama and his collection of lunatics will severly affect your life, your job, your future.

Wind, solar, tide, or biomass generated power will jot even begin to replace this 10% loss of electricity... not even 1%. You have the internet, look up the facts. Take twenty minutes out of your happy-go-lucky life and do the damned math yourself,  instead of mindlessly accepting the  drivel being spouted  on  TV. When you find facts you don't agree with, don't just conclude they are made up trash from people who don't like Obama.

 Quit being a mindless pawn.

To all you  liberals out there that think Obama and his plans for America are good for you... Better wake up before learning the hard way becomes your newest habit.

If you are one of those people who think that ignoring what those lunatics in Washington are doing won't affect you, get ready for a real life-changing shock. A freight train barrelling down the track doesn't give a damn if you see it or not... You're still gonna get hammered.

Texans: Three of those plants provide power to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Shut them down and you get to experience first hand why hardly anybody settled in the area until air-conditioning was invented.

Electricity makes our civilization and society possible. If you think otherwise, there's - right now - an excellent chance you will soon get to find out otherwise.

I hope you like dirt farming. With hand tools.  It just may be in your future.


texlahoma said...

Too many people still think in terms of my side vs your side, it's stupid really.
"My side won, but I did like having electricity."

That's one way to censor the internet, cut off the power.

Astrosmith said...

THIS is what the election should all be about.

But it won't be, and you're a racist, Bob. Electricity is racist, too.

Bob said...


You can be a racist for hating liberals?