Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Amazing X-Ray

Medical experts have been left stunned after the stainless steel spear narrowly missed every major blood vessel in the brain of 16-year-old Yasser Lopez.

A dramatic X-ray scan shows part of the spear protruding from his skull after rescuers cut down 18 inches of the spear from the outside of his head to allow doctors to carry out a full radiographic examination.

We all wish the kid a full recovery. Howver, what caught my eye was the acute angle of his upper teerh. Compare it to the below X-ray.

The difference is quite noticable. One must assume it is caused by different DNA backgrounds.

Is this angular difference random in the general population. or is such a thing more directed to a specific race?

Not trying to be a racist here, I'm just curious. Perhaps the kid is severly buck-toothed.


texlahoma said...

I saw that on the news. That's interesting about his teeth, maybe he just needs braces.

There are many times that I have questions about things being race specific, not meant in a racist way at all, but usually don't bring it up because it could be construed as racist or not P.C.

I guess it's safe to say something like "Most Labs can swim better than Pit Bulls because of their large webbed paws." for now.

Bob said...


There's zero - none - nada - zip - bone structure above those teeth.

texlahoma said...

Okay, I see what you are talking about.
But it still looks like he needs braces, super braces.