Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rodney King Gone

A public memorial for Rodney King will be held Saturday at Forest Lawn cemetery in the Hollywood Hills. King died two weeks ago of what police believe was an accidental drowning at his home in Rialto.
Jesse Jackson, the Reverend Al Sharpton and others are expected to eulogize King. Many of King’s relatives are devout Jehovah’s Witnesses and may hold a separate memorial at a later date.

Below is listed  a comment from the article.

The man was a habitual criminal. The incident that launched him to notoriety triggered a series of some of the darkest chapters in this country. He deserves nothing but our scorn and disgust.
1. He led police on a high speed chase putting hundreds at risk. When caught, he assaulted the arresting officers, showed the world that Tasers are ineffective on a heavily intoxicated person and took a medium set of lumps. The police showed admirable restraint in not going further.
2. When the misguided trial of the officers involved resulted in the correct verdict, an opportunistic segment of the black community ran amok. They used the verdict as an excuse to loot, burn, rampage and murder. The human and economic cost of the riot was incredible.
Deaths: 53;
Injuries: 2,383, including 227 critical;
Fires: 5,383 structure fire calls;
Arrests: 15,008, including 2,628 felonies, 1,352 illegal aliens,
Damage estimate; $785 million;
Dispatched to Duty -
Los Angeles Police Department - 5,000 (1,700 to 2,100 deployed at any one time):
California Highway Patrol - 500, (200 to 250 officers deployed at any one time);
Los Angeles County Sheriff Department - 850;
National Guard - 9,844 (2,602 deployed on street, 2,460 support staff, 4,782 in staging areas;)
Federal troops - 3,313
3. The federal government shattered the concept of double jeopardy by trying and convicting some of the acquitted police officers. America learned that the Constitution is essentially meaningless if the US government wants your head on a platter to appease the a special interest group.
4. He surfaced again and again, always as the result of criminal violations. And always grossly intoxicated.
Rodney King leaves a legacy of death and destruction. A legacy of the inevitable end result of a growing entitlement driven population. King gave us a taste of the future under Progressive Socialism.
It is fitting that Al Sharpton will eulogize King. It is Sharpton and Jackson and their ilk who spawned and nurture the entitlement mentality that created King. The hate mongers continue to divide this nation, for that is the only road they know to power and wealth.

How much of this is total truth I do not know, but no doubt the costs to society that Rodney King  caused is staggering.

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