Friday, June 01, 2012


Last Tuesday afternoon, my abdominal cavity decided to blossom into a world of pain. For about three hours, I tried to pass it off as excess gas, or acid reflux, or heartburn, but I finally realized something out of my ordinary experience was happening, so off to the hospital went I.

Turns out I was passing a kidney stone and the CAT scan indicated it was about 4mm in size, although it felt like it was the size of a marble. It took two days to pass the thing, during which time I urinated into a plastic funnel with a filter in it. The kidney stone dropped into the funnel yesterday afternoon, but I'm still recovering from the after effects of the pain. Seems most of the organs in the abdominal cavity have been somehow highly upset by the event and have not yet settled back down.

Of course, being 73, recovery from such a thing is a bit slower than I would hope for.

It's amazing that a teeny-weeny 4mm "stone" can cause such pain, so much so that the pain killers have no effect during some of the process.


texlahoma said...

Man, it felt like a marble! Damn!

I can only imagine, so far, luckily.

I hope everything settles down and lets you get some rest.

Hang in there.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Thankfully, the worst is over.
Take care and take charge, men of common sense and reason are hard to replace & we need more of you.

Astrosmith said...

Son of a b----.

4 mm doesn't sound tiny, when it went the way it did!

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and no more stones!