Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who Are They?

The government’s actions in a dispute between the Environmental Protection Agency and a husband and wife targeted by the agency when they bought a residential lot in Idaho and started building their dream home are both “outrageous” and “very strange.”

In case you haven't followed this, four years ago this man and his wife bought a residential lot, a lot surrounded by roads and houses, started the foundation work, and then three paper-pushing bureaucrats from the EPA showed up and proceeded to make their life miserable by stating that their lot was a "wetlands".

To the average individual of ordinary intelligence, this was a laughable incident and not worth losing any sleep over. Most would would have told these three defectives to get lost. But these three were government agents - EPA enforcers - with a mission from god, out to do god's work(god being whoever was in charge of the EPA at the time). And they had the power of the federal government behind them.

Quit blaming the "EPA". That's just a name, an institution, a government building with a sign on it, something that has no remorse, feelings, or fears.

It's NOT "The government's actions" at issue here. It's the outrageous actions of a few out-of-control paper shufflers - representing the government - that are suffering from severe delusions of importance and power. They are the issue.

It's the people that make up the EPA. Expose them to public scrutiny. Find out who these three out-of-control EPA agents are. Name them. Expose them. Publish their photographs. Show us all who they are. I'll bet a fair amount of federal reserve notes at least one - perhaps all three - were using their positions in the EPA as a vehicle for a personnel attack against either the man, his wife, or both.

Once they are exposed to the public, no longer shielded from exposure by their government positions, once their feelings of untouchable invulnerability is gone, they will never again act with such impunity, nor will their fellows.

And then fire them. Never allow them another government position anywhere. Not only have they proved their incompetence and their inability to handle the responsibilities of their respective positions, we also need to make an example of these self-anointed little dictators so the rest will stay cloistered in their 8 x 8 cubicles... and leave the rest of us alone.

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