Friday, January 20, 2012

Apple Goes Crazy

Whatever you do, don't use Apples ebook authoring program. Why?

Read the EULA Apple has created for this program.

Here is some of it:

"B. Distribution of your Work. As a condition of this License and provided you are in compliance with its terms, your Work may be distributed as follows:

(i) if your Work is provided for free (at no charge), you may distribute the Work by any available means;
(ii) if your Work is provided for a fee (including as part of any subscription-based product or service), you may only distribute the Work through Apple and such distribution is subject to the following limitations and conditions: (a) you will be required to enter into a separate written agreement with Apple (or an Apple affiliate or subsidiary) before any commercial distribution of your Work may take place; and (b) Apple may determine for any reason and in its sole discretion not to select your Work for distribution."

And then the next paragraph is bold-faced, just so you don’t miss it:

"Apple will not be responsible for any costs, expenses, damages, losses (including without limitation lost business opportunities or lost profits) or other liabilities you may incur as a result of your use of this Apple Software, including without limitation the fact that your Work may not be selected for distribution by Apple."

Apple has gone over the cliff with their visions of self-importance.

Should you write something quite sellable using this new ebook program(ibooks author), you must submit it to Apple. If they reject it, you cannot sell it legally anywhere. you can give it away, but you cannot sell it.

Forget Apple. They've gone round the bend.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Pretty much seals my decision to dump this iPhone and get Android soon! The egotism lives on.