Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Obama Will reject the Keystone Pipeline

CNBC confirmed Wednesday the Obama administration will reject the TransCanada oil sands crude project.

We already know that Obama is intent on collapsing our economy and ruining the country so he and his fellow Marxists can rule the remains in perpetuity, but what the hell is in Nebraska that has the eco-freaks so agitated?

Not hard to figure out... It's just the State with the least ability to confront the federal government on this issue.

That's why they chose Nebraska.

The really big question is why did America choose Obama?

Not hard to figure out... The stupid and ignorant in America now outnumber the American citizens with common sense that possess the ability to think things through.

It's a sad time for us when the majority of us cannot even claim the capability of a typical sewer plant. (?) A typical sewer planet can - at least - separate the crap from the rest of the flow.

Will Obama get reelected?

Not hard to figure out... See above.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The problem is WILLFUL ignorance, not ignorance.
People who chronically do not think; who prefer the delusions and hypocrisies of the group to the terrifying prospect of seeing the obvious, taking appropriate action to save themselves and warning those who will listen, are more to be dreaded than the worst of despots, for they enable the tyranny with their empty-headed emotionalism.
And you're right - the freaking place is infested with them!