Monday, January 16, 2012


The fruits of feminism have finally ripened:

'Forget women and children first, it was every man for himself': Cruise liner survivors describe nightmare scenes as people fought to escape sinking ship.

Not surprising... Suppose you were on a ship where there were a bunch of overweight, middle-aged, loud and horribly foul-mouthed females, endlessly showing their contempt and hatred for you and every other male on the boat, or perhaps a bunch of self-centered bimbos, all spoiled, selfish and opinionated gold diggers who had been figuratively flipping you the finger(you weren't good enough for them) while they threw themselves at some rapper ex-con, when the ship hits a rock and starts to sink.

Would you give up your seat in the lifeboat - and perhaps your life - for any of them?

Some still might, a few aging remnants of a bygone era, but there is an entire generation of males out there that - having been hammered by lesbians and feminists their entire lives, having been denigrated, insulted, belittled, scorned and rejected as long as they can remember - would simply ignore the pleas for "women and children first" and go get in the boat.

This "Every man for himself" phenomena is not the result of men abandoning chivalry. It is another unanticipated consequence of feminism, of women abandoning their femininity.

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