Saturday, January 07, 2012

Where Civilization Shines

Take a good look at the below composite released by NASA.

(click on to enlarge)

The darkened portion of South America is the Brazilian rain forest. Just a few primitives who have never seen a light bulb hang their hats there. The darkened portion of Australia is all desert... Nothing but roos and dingos.

The darkened portions of Canada and Siberia? Mostly snow and ice all year long. Not many people want to make places like that home.

They used to call Africa the "Dark continent". Well guess what... It still is.

We allow Obama to keep up with his plans to "transform America" and we'll be as dark as Africa one day soon.

Thanks to Lisa Jackson at the EPA and Obama's clutch of America-hating radicals like Cass Sunstein, we soon won't have enough power plants to keep the lights on at night. No lights, no heat, no air-conditioning, no running water. That all takes electricity.

Won't that be nice?

Thanks Lisa.

Thanks Cass.

We should all be grateful that so many African natives have kept the art of making mud shacks alive. We may have to build some of our own one fine day.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

To say nothing of the "anti-fracking" campaign the radical left has going against natural gas utilities.
There are a myriad alternate fueling methods, to say nothing of biodiesel, which burns cleaner, can be made from compost or even coal, but that wouldn't put enough people out of work, in the dark and dependent on government, which is what this is really about:
Fascism, not the environment.