Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Florida Votes Today

That's not exactly correct...

A bunch of Cubans, Haitians, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans and a gaggle of foreigners from other South American countries too small to list - a large percentage of them illegals - will waltz into Florida voting booths today and demonstrate who they want to be America's next president.

They will join a vast herd of retired Jews and firsters whose primary concern is always the survival of their beloved biblical homeland.

When they have completed this awesome responsibility, the national media will then regale us with tales of how they picked the wisest of the wise men - not a man who will solve America's problems - but a man who will continue to support illegal immigration, massive foreign handouts, welfare, food stamps and medical aid for the invaders and their soon-to-be-here family members, wars of occupation, vicious dictators and the occasional outlaw state here and there.

Can you spell Romney? Or Gingrich? Odd how the difference in spelling and pronunciation of the two really means exactly the same thing.

The real Florida natives(once upon a time called fellow Americans), having been outvoted and outnumbered for decades, will typically waste their day indulging in what was once an exclusive American right: Voting for the next American president.

I do know whereof I speak... I was born in Jacksonville and still have a quite a few relatives and in-laws in a State that is being slowly swamped and overwhelmed by non-American, un-American and anti-American invaders.

I can hardly wait.

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