Tuesday, February 09, 2010


After only a year in office, Obama has his wife out there making excuses for him.
He's not done yet. He's got more time.
When a supposed Alpha male macho-dude has his spouse out there running interference for him, you can be pretty much positive he's finished.

A lot of us have already figured that out. After all, smooth talking and slick speeches can only carry you so far, and after a year of endless babble in over 400 televised talks, speeches, chats and lectures, the fact that this empty suit actually made it to the White House is becoming incredulous.

Keep in mind tho... It's not about Obama, he's just a very pliable tool. It's the people behind the scenes - and their agendas - that we really need to root out and defang.

Then we can keep puffed up and talkative Barry in the White House for his amusement value, which is quite high.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Among the cleaner names I used for Dubya was "President Sock-puppet"...That's all these sonsofbitches are!
Dubya, or DumB-O, it doesn't matter...The faces change and the scamming continues