Friday, February 26, 2010

The Health Care "Summit"

I watched a lot of the health care "summit" conducted by Obama.

I do have to admit it was a bit more exciting than painting the garage, or watching the grass grow.

Rather than have the bimbos and talking heads on TV tell you what I saw, I'll tell you myself.

I saw a gathering where an arrogant and condescending president did more talking than anybody else.

I saw a gathering where the president picked and chose who would talk and for how long.

I saw a gathering where the president allowed for no rebuttals on the things he said and claimed.

I saw a gathering where the Democrats always got the last word.

I also saw a set-up where the Republicans barely kept from being shot dead at the pass where they were being ambushed.

A saw how the President, Pelosi and Reid had no intention whatever of giving an inch on their pet bill that contains the framework for a Socialist America.

What else did I see? A waste of good TV time.

What was it I did not see?

I saw no reason for this highly orchestrated dog and pony show.

1 comment:

Ted Amadeus said...

Chalk up another one for the Vatican and a phat goose-egg for the Constitution...
Kinda' like this little gem you probably won't read about in WaPo or the NYT.
Somebody tell me again this SOB is better than Dubya?