Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Much, Much Worse

In my recent post, "What's their Reason", I talked of a North Carolina city that banned the sale of guns, ammo and liquor during this snowstorm.

The involved police chief, Paula May, was accused of declaring a private form of "martial Law".

Not so. It's much worse than some power-crazy female cop flexing her mighty muscles.

North Carolina has a statute that declares if there is a state emergency, then the ban on guns and liquor automatically goes into effect.

Said police chief Paula May:
By law, statute 14-288.7 automatically went into effect. And that law which goes into effect when there’s a state of emergency prohibits the transportation, purchase sale and possession of firearms other than on one's own premises.
Imagine that. The state has a law banning the sale of guns and ammunition during whatever they declare is an emergency. What other nifty little laws have they passed the public has no knowledge of... That denies them the ability to protect themselves during a state emergency?

I can think of a lot of state or national emergencies where a citizen might need to buy a gun or some extra ammo.

How about a nation-wide truck strike that lasted for thirty days? In no time there would be no food for sale in any store anywhere at any price. Do you believe no one might need a gun or some more ammo to protect their families and their food stash from marauding gangs of starving humans?

A man watching his wife and children starve to death will kill for a can of beans. If it's your beans, look out.

How many other states have created hidden little statues like this?

I can easily imagine the intent behind this law is far more sinister than than the average citizen may think. Think of an emergency wherein the State - in reality just the present batch of bureaucrats and politicians in office - have or has a vested interest in disarming the citizens under the guise of an emergency.

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