Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why voting May Just Be A Waste Of Your Time

Our upcoming choices?

Probably not. Clinton mabye, but Trump?

The next few months are easily predictable when you just step back a bit a see what's really going on,

First, a few proven realities:

-1) The American citizenry does not have any control over the course of this nation. This nation is controlled by a incredibly powerful collection of self-serving politicians, bankers,                 corporations, self-proclaimed intellectuals, the media, Hollywood and foreign lobbies such as AIPAC, OPEC, AARP and several others, groups including (but not limited to) the Tech Lobby, the mining industry, the defense industry, the agribusiness industry, Big Oil, the financial lobby, and Big Pharma.

-2) The above statement makes sense when you realize over half of America's present voters consist of poorly educated - and paradoxically - college educated simpletons* along with America-hating minorities intent on the restructuring of this nation into something it has never been... are in control now.  This highly diverse and splintered group of citizens are easily manipulated by those in real positions of power, particularly those in Congress and the Administration,.... the law-makers.

-3) Things have been running quite smoothly for all those above mentioned for several decades now. They are making money by the truck load and amassing power by pandering to those who would keep them in power by humoring their particular cause or complaint. Typical examples would be the endless foreign wars we are fighting to keep the defense industry and the military happy, or the landslide of new laws  that benefit only the LGBT crowd to the detriment of home and family.

So now comes this election cycle where the expected players were paraded before the electorate, namely Bush and Clinton, both supported by a cast of privately chosen also-rans such as Cruz and Rubio for the Republicans and well, nobody for Clinton,  since she was  supposed to be a shoo-in this go around.

Along comes Trump and Sanders, both unexpected by the eiltes and our controllers, originally considered to be nothing other than amusing diversions and in no way threats to the chosen two final candidates, either of which would be just another puppet to be manipulated as needed.

We can conclude that Sanders, whose unexpected popularity by the totally splintered Democratic base will in reality  never be a serious threat to Clinton, who has already made whatever deals needed to be made to assure her the required number of delegates to win at the Democratic convention.

But the Republican trolley has been knocked off it's track by Trump, a totally unexpected fly in the political ointment. But worry not, the Republican elites who control their convention will - by whatever means necessary - prevent Trump from being the Republican candidate for President. There will be a short-lived hue and cry as they do whatever illegal and underhanded deeds are necessary to get their chosen nominated, whoever that may be, Cruz, Romney, maybe even Rubio.  Americans have marvelously short memories for this sort of chicanery, politicians know that, and of course the media will help ease their pain and cover their tracks.

So there you are.  The next president will be just another sock puppet, "elected" by people who really had no choice in the selection, and will most likely be even worse than  the golf-playing jet-setting American hater we have in office today.

This is the way I see things as they stand now. I don't expect Trump to be shot and killed, that could easily cause open rebellion by millions of armed citizens with  unimaginable unintended consequences, particularity since they can easily rules-change him out of contention.  Almost certainly Sanders won't dislodge Clinton as the Dems chosen candidate, so our choices will be between Clinton and the final Republican offering, whomever that may be.  The only thing that may affect Clinton is her health. Forget the E-mail stuff, no one will be prosecuting her for that.

But it really won't matter, since in the end both party candidates will be the "bought and sold" variety we have become accustomed to. Nothing will change.

We will continue these endless wars. We will continue to print and spend money as if there will never be a day of reckoning. We will continue to allow uneducated, un-assimilatable and diseased aliens into our nation by the millions. We will continue to give away our once mighty industrial base to foreign nations whose workers are paid slave wages. We will continue devastating attacks on our religion and our families.

Will there be actual change occurring?  Not very likely.


Joshua Sinistar said...

I doubt seriously this farce will continue. Americans have always suspected the elections were a pantomime by two insider sellouts but Trump has shown how both parties are merely puppets working for the same enemy. Trump was the last chance these idiots had of continuing this farce. When he is gone, expect Americans to start rebelling. The system no longer has the power to fight, but they still have the same hubris to deny the will of the people who can now destroy them. It will be War.

Bob said...

You just may be right. Those unimaginable unintended consequences I mentioned may be in our near future after all.

Stock up on food and water. Stash some cash, buy some silver coin. Not gold, it is too valuable for bartering. You're going to have to survive on your own for for at least six weeks.

Shelter in place. Don't try to run off to the mountains or what have you, you'll never make it past the numerous blockades by armed civilians who will take what you have and possibly kill you in the process. Don't depend on the police to do anything other than protect themselves, and they may be the ones putting up the barricade and blockades anyway.

If you are in a big city, I wish you luck. You'll need it. When the shelves are empty, people will kill for a can of beans, and it won't take more than a week after the bottom falls out.

Remember, it will be you and yours. NOBODY else will matter.