Thursday, March 03, 2016

Romney Sells Out To the Republican Establishment

Not too surprising, he is major cog in the Establishment.

Mitt Romney has been tapped on the shoulder by the Republican elite and told to trash one the their own candidates. I have no love for Trump, but to see this sort of raw viciousness leveled against him by these elites -   these demented Neanderthals who consider themselves superior to everybody, in every way - is hilarious.

They are destroying themselves, and Romney is just another tool in their toolbox, which by now is pretty empty. Just more proof that having money - and no brains - won't help when the jig is up*.

Mitt Romney. Just sold his soul for political consideration

It's a shame. I kinda liked Romney, even if he was  just another Republicrat using political office for personal gain. At least he was decent and polite in public.

*the jig is up phr. the game is ended; the scheme has been found out.

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