Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Iranian Missile Launch Inside Deep Canyon

This is interesting:

One of two missiles fired  recently 

The missiles were launched from mobile platforms or pads nestled right up against the cliff faces in what appears to be a very deep canyon. This tells me the missile storage and assembly areas are underground nearby, deep inside those cliffs, so they can't be knocked out - or even spotted - while in storage.

The  launch platforms - or pads - being that close to the assembly/storage caves means that  when it's launch time, the Iranians can quickly roll them out, set them up, and away they go.

That also means that there is hardly any time for a satellite or spy drone to spot a launch in progress and send in aircraft or drones to destroy the missiles before they are up and away

When you know you will not have air superiority in a conflict, this is the best way to get your missiles safety on their way to  a target.

Iran is going to attack Israel, there is absolutely no doubt about that. It will be the next chapter in a war that has been fought for millennia.

When I see something like this, I am reminded of what President Nixon once said about Israel:

"Israels long-term chances for survival are zero."

One thing you should understand and accept:  Israel - without compunction - will use any number of its some 400 or so nuclear weapons to defend itself.  Every Arab and Muslim alive today knows that. So does Iran, so Iran  will  attack first with nuclear tipped rockets. It will take only two or three to obliterate Israel.

Iran will launch a swarm of missiles at Israel overwhelming their "Iron Dome" defense, and a small number of them will be nuclear. And some will reach their targets. Israel will without doubt - if it has time - launch a retaliatory strike before it's destruction, and it will be nuclear also..

Iran is preparing, and wisely. If I were a Jew in Israel, I'd move to Florida.... and soon.

I do believe Nixen knew what he was talking about.

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