Monday, March 07, 2016

How To Meet Your 72 virgins, Abdul

A man in Austria was attacked  and hospitalized by ragheads of a "Sharia patrol". He was with his wife and daughter,  and these 12th century savages started assaulting them because they were not properly dressed to suit them. when the man stepped in to defend his women, they attacked him.

We are told the women were once Muslims, but were no longer. didn't matter to the "Sharia Patrol". Once a Muslim, always a Muslim, or some silliness like that.

If we do not put a stop to that treasonous Muslim interloper in the White House and his "immigration" policy, expect these arrogant lunatics to show up in your neighborhood one day soon and start molesting and assaulting your women on the streets, or in the bars, or anywhere.

Here's a bit of friendly advice Abdul.... You mess with my girls and you get to go see your 72 virgins, quick time. Maybe that fantasy about 72 virgins is just that, a fantasy, but no difference, you'll get to find out.

Not my gals Abdul, not now, not ever.

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