Sunday, March 06, 2016

Meanwhile, As The Eyelashes Got Heavier...

Pointless nonsense for  a 22 vote advantage:

From Vox Popoli:

"In Kansas and Maine, Cruz beat Trump by 18,145 and 2,480 votes, respectively. In Kentucky and Louisiana, Trump beat Cruz by 10,866 and 9,781 votes. So, Cruz actually lost to Trump on the overall vote count by a grand total of 22 votes, which is a) a dead heat and b) as irrelevant as who won what state."

All that huffing and puffing, all that name-calling and mud-slinging,....

Waste of time, all of it. The only States that matter now are the "winner take all" States.

The  conclusion I reached all by myself was that Megyn Kelly looked - well, overdone - with those ridiculous eyelashes.

Her "gotcha!" questions were juvenile at best, and totally expected.

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