Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Naked Truth

I'm unable to find a translation of the text in the photo, but 
I'm pretty sure it isn't wishing us a good day.

Peter Grant just posted this:

 'Islamic State cannot be defeated with kindness. It's time to kill or be killed.'
The gunmen of Isil cannot – and will not – be defeated through talking, persuasion or understanding. There are no compromises to be offered.

There is, quite simply, nothing to negotiate.

The cold, hard facts are these: the Islamists hate us and their aim is to kill us.

They hate our way of life, our values, our culture, our civilisation. There is nothing we can do to appease them or persuade them to stop their killing spree – whether that murder takes places in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon or on the streets of Paris.

There is nothing we can do – whether it is changing our foreign policy by withdrawing troops or warplanes from the Middle East or ending the Israel-Palestine conflict or anything else – that will make them change their minds.

This will not change the minds of Islamists. They still want to kill us

The terrorists and their willingness and ability to use violence against us will only be defeated by one thing: our own willingness and ability to use violence against them.

. . .

Isil and its death cult stablemates will never be defeated until we get to grips with the concept that this has nothing to do with anything except the fact that we exist. It is that, and that alone, which offends them and which they seek to destroy.

So, unless we are all happy to sign up to radical Islam right now, with every heretic and infidel executed on sight, every man forced to take up arms, every woman enslaved, every homosexual stoned to death and every nine-year-old girl at risk of rape, in a terrifying return to the Dark Ages, we have a choice to make.

That choice is stark: kill or be killed. So which one is it going to be?

The above from  http://bayourenaissanceman.blogspot.com/

All our precious snowflakes and their enablers had best wake up to the fact we are in a war in which the enemy is dedicated to total attrition, a war in which we are to be eliminated, converted or killed.

They tell us that EVERY day. They show us that they mean it. They have powerful allies in our own White House.

How dumb must one be to not see what's happening?

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