Wednesday, November 18, 2015

OK, But How Fast Can She Move?

Pictured here is Britain's newest entry into the anti-terrorist effort.

It's your once typical 90 pound Ninja Warrior Princess now all decked out in ultra SWAT regalia, no doubt intended to impress us all with her fierce looks and scary artillery,  and with the usual ski mask hiding her identity.

Take a look:

Wow. How long did it take to get dressed?

Keep in mind that bullets weigh a lot, and it looks like she's carrying five high-capacity magazines for the rifle, and more for the Glock.. I'll bet she's carrying at least half her body weight in guns and ammo. There's body armor under that snazzy gung-ho military style outfit, adding another twenty or so pounds. Then there's the helmet, the boots, the Kevlar reinforced gloves, the com gear. It all adds up.

Not considered a part of her vital equipment is a no-doubt needed cooling system, because all that crap is really good insulation, running that body temperature through the roof. And getting into a real firefight can get ultra hot and sweaty real quick.

But none of that is what worries me.  This Seal Team/Ranger wannbe can play soldier dress-up all day long and arm-wrestle the guys, chew tobacco, whatever, just as long as she doesn't get let loose anywhere near our local streets.


Because armed women with shoot-to-kill authority have been shown to be insanely trigger-happy. Their superior survivalist instincts (much batter then mens) means they almost always shoot first and ask questions later. That makes them very dangerous to life and limb.

Add that to the fact that her lightweight frame is burdened down by one hell of a lot of equipment slowing her down. This means she will feel even more vulnerable in a situation where speed is everything for survival and will make her even more trigger happy.

Don't blame me. Women have been engineered the way they are for thousands of years. They have been designed with the necessary equipment to have babies and be mothers, not what you see above. Men have been designed to do  that sort of stuff.

Am I anti-female? Of course not. Been happily married for almost a half-century to a marvelous women, wife and mother. But I believe this PC nonsense about  everybody being equal, with identical capabilities, is pure crap.

Yes, there are without doubt a few females out there as tough as any man that could physically handle the job.  You've no doubt seen one or two. But let's not get silly and send out women who are just not capable of handling their share of the load.

Risky business, this, giving Barbie assault weapons and letting her run loose. But with today's crop of girly-men and sniveling metro males, maybe a few tough females is what we need.

But it still worries me.,,  potentially way too many bullets flying around in situations that a good negotiator could have defused without unnecessary violence.


Groot said...

Padded knees, though.

Bob said...

And probably lipstick under that mask...