Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Germany's New "Citizens", Now We Know Why Sumte

The German  government open borders crowd has been busy little beavers in Sumte, Gernany, where 750 "immigrants" are being sent to a village of  102 citizens.

Turns out (we are told) that there is an abandoned group of buildings once belonging to a failed debt-collection company. They have turned these buildings in to a complex jammed full of cots, no doubt paid by by German taxpayers.

Sumte, Germany's all new housing center for illegals . This does
not look anything like a failed debt collection facility. To me, this
 looks like brand-new recently constructed facility, built  for the 
single purpose to which it is now being used,  to house 
government supported illegals.

Look closely at the above photo. These buildings are connected by a covered central walkway
leading to more advanced buildings in the lower left, buildings that most likely house the complex's eating facilities ,restrooms and showers. The other buildings appear to contain only sleeping facilities.  FEMA copied facilities to the last square foot, except you can't see the double row of fences.

There are no roads or parking for the supposed employees of this claimed debt collection center. The Germans are being lied to by their own government.

So what's new?

This scene can - and soon will be - repeated in small and
 powerless communities  - like Sumte - throughout the United States.

Why such a large complex in such a small town?  Don't try to tell me  it was once a "debt collection" company, all that would need is perhaps half of ONE of those buildings.  And where would all the employees come from?

This immigrant invasion has been expected, planned and promoted by nefarious criminals like George Soros and his cohorts everywhere.  Keep in mind, this 750 going to Sumte is a drop in the bucket compared to the 200,000(admitted so far) that  Obama intends to stuff down our throats.

Like it or not, admit it or not, there are persons of great evil and power that want a non-white world populated by pliant and obedient serfs.

Looks like they just might get it.

Look closely at that second picture.  Those are white people, happily and stupidly helping their enemies destroy them.

As they say: The stupid, it burns!

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W.LindsayWheeler said...

I also share your anxiety and frustration with our evil elite. We are being betrayed. Treason is being committed by many people. I have an article for you that you might enjoy that might answer a few questions:

"The Tower of Babel, The Philosophy of Race and The Genocidal Ideology of Social Justice/Political Correctness"