Saturday, November 14, 2015

Blacks Now Demanding Segregation

Black "students" at the University of Missouri are now demanding that white people stay out of their "black only healing space". 
What ever is a minority-loving feminist progressive to do now?

Sometimes reality sucks.

No doubt the guaranteed intense navel-gazing by these snowflakes will conclude that there just hasn't been enough "white guilt"  yet (for stuff none of us ever did), that these poor abused victims - who just happen to be enjoying the best of what America has to offer* -  have a God-given right to punish whites even more... by demanding the return of segregation. Smooth move there...

*free college, affirmative action, hiring preference, food stamps, welfare, housing assistance, free cell phones, etc., etc., etc.,

Oops, these minority-loving feminist progressive snowflakes don't believe in God.
One may possibly wonder what those unfortunate black victims need "healing" from.  Maybe it's from sore throats cased by all all the screaming they did  while demanding the Dean, another one of those evil white males rumored to have said something racist,  step down. What he was supposed to have said is uncertain, but so what? He's white, he's male, butcher the bastard.
As Fred Reed recently posted:
It warms the heart of a curmudgeon: As I suppose we all have heard by now,  black semi-pro football players at the University (sic) of Missouri have forced white officials to resign because of “White Privilege.” This Privilege is a great upsettance to them.
White Privilege is real, of course. It is a combination of high genetic intelligence, studiousness, a tendency toward intellectual exploration, the capacity to organize, sustained hard work, and conscientiousness. There is a reason why whites design Mars landers and black athletes do not.
To make this point clearly (See? It is my tendency toward intellectual exploration), let us consider the following questions:
How many of the black athletes, or black radicals at Missouri, or anywhere, have any business being at a university? How many have IQs below ninety? How many are way below? How many are studying real subjects, such as chemistry, languages, philosophy, literature, or history—as distinct from subjects for the enfeebled, Black Studies, Sociology, Education, and Breathing for Credit?

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