Monday, November 16, 2015

Just Like Us - Or Vice Versa - Right?

German photographer Mario Gerth, 38, spent seven years photographing tribal societies in Africa, including the Ethiopian Muris tribe where women have some of their bottom teeth removed so they can wear elaborate lip plates as a sign of beauty.

These are not photos taken 100 or 200 years ago. These are 
photos taken in the last seven years, in the 21st century

They remove their bottom teeth so they can wear lip plates. They live in grass and mud shacks. Even with constant exposure to our Western Civilization and all its technical and physical advances, these people continue to remain immersed in a civilization that atrophied in the Middle Ages. It's a path they have freely chosen.

Keep reminding yourself these are photos taken this century.

I am told they are no different than us, that if they had the same opportunities  and schooling we had, we wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Maybe so. Are we to assume that the above females are just dressed up in native costumes to celebrate something or other?

No, those lip plates are not pretend dress-up. Those missing bottom teeth were not removed for a one or two day celebration.

Just what are we supposed to conclude when people who are - without doubt - fully aware of our Western Civilization, reject it for their own version of existence?

Maybe we can conclude that they are not like us at all. Perhaps they don't want to be "Westernized".  Maybe they enjoy their lives, their culture and their traditions just the way they are.

If so, maybe we should stop trying to remake them into black versions of us, that we shouldn't plop them into the middle of Westernized America and then expect them to be in business suits and  Chevy SUV's next week.  A few perhaps, but a very few.

Leave them where they are, leave their culture alone. But DO NOT expect me to change my culture, my traditions, or my country to placate any of them should they come here. I don't want our women prancing around with huge flapping lip plates.  I have no interest whatever in living in a mud or grass shack.

So. Am I an evil white male intent on destroying everything in sight? Another on of those evil white males planning to enslave every minority on earth? Hardly.  I'm not even Jewish. I am a white male that wants to preserve what my forefathers before me created. If that makes me evil in your eyes, too damned bad.

Accordingly, I  take great offence at the relatives of the above now living in America who want to destroy what we have built, who spit on our culture and traditions, who mouth hatred for all things white and who riot, burn and pillage at every opportunity, proclaiming that the death of the white race is at hand.

It is not.

Abraham Lincoln told us what to do. He told us we should return the slaves to their nations of origin. But we ignored him and fought a war against each other instead. Don't believe that? Then you have no clue as to what  true history is, only the propagandized version.

Too bad. As Dr. Carson just said: "Your'e not using your frontal lobes."

Of course, it's your choice not to. This is still America, where you can choose to be as ignorant as you wish.

But there are severe consequences for being teeth-grittingly ignorant. 

As Ayn Rand said:

We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality."

And history has shown us that "Diversity+Proximity = war".

The fast approaching war of civilizations is a consequence of ignoring reality. Wait for it. If your'e smart, you'll also prepare for it.

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