Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Those "Fargin' Towel Heads"

I read and sometimes make comment in a blog that is written by an admitted "born again" Christian, an independently rich writer who considers himself far above the intellectual norm. In spite of all that, he does write well, and often makes comments about world situations and conditions that are well worth reading.

An interesting thing is apparantly many of it's most faithful regulars seem to be bonafide dyed-in-the-wool ultimate right-wing highly religious rednecks, devoted fans of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

They are great name-callers, and one of them referred to those "Fargin' Towel Heads" in a recent post, joined by another regular using the term "Little Sheet-heads" to help define those whom they consider their enemies.

A particularity apt example of their conversational norm is:
"You anti-Israel monkeys...Tell me that those fargin' towel heads did not bring this on themselves..."
I responded with the below comments:

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If the 1948 UN Resolution that created the modern State of Israel smack in the middle of Arab territory hadn't happened, then just maybe the "fargin' towel heads" wouldn't be taking pot shots at them today.

UN R181 didn't mention God as a cause or reason to dole out Arab territory to the Jews. It was an international attempt to stop the bloodshed being caused by Jewish terrorism against the Arabs in the Middle East during this period. How many of you have forgotten that it was the Jews who were the terrorists in the 30's and 40's?

To hear a person say that they can't prove what they believe, but that their "faith" makes them believe -- and then act according to that belief -- is more than a bit disconcerting. This is exactly how a lot of humanity's greatest pain and misery throughout our history has been justified... over conflicting religious beliefs.

This endless Middle East disaster is a perfect example as to what happens when religion of any stripe takes over a government anywhere and decides to use war and national muscle as a method to spread their particular version of truth.

Our ultimate survival may well depend on men of reason and purpose putting religion back into the churchs, synagogues and mosques and get their always one-sided faith-based form of decision-making out of government everywhere.

Religious freedom is one thing, a government supported religious tyranny is quite another.

America -- in part -- was created to eliminate state supported religious tyranny, while at the same providing an atmosphere of tolerance for religious freedom, free from all government interference.

Supporting either side in this middle East religious war violates the very core of those founding principles.

Israel was, and is, a State created by religion in the same sense that Vatican City was created by religion. Israel is a wholly religious entity, expressing only one view of truth, enforced by government might.

As an American, you are free to support Israel or not as you see fit, but our government is not.

By allowing our federal government to support only one side of this religious war, we have created countless more fanatical enemies and have invited disaster on ourselves and our children, as evidenced by 911 and other acts against us.

So not only have the "fargin towel heads" brought it on themselves... so have we.

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No doubt such a post will only further inflame these literary giants, but one has to try to drag these 12th century crusaders into our present reality if we're ever going to solve this Middle East calamity.

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