Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bush, the Answer Man

President Bush has just told the world why we have violence in the Middle East today. He said the reason was because Hezbollah was shooting rockets into Israel.

So there you are... Bush has spoken.

He sort of failed to mention that the reason Hezbollah was shooting rockets into Israel was because in 1948 the Jews invaded and occupied a large chunk of Arab territory, displacing over 750,000 Arabs in the process, using their particular version of religious mythology as an excuse.

The indigenous population of the area -- now called Palestinians -- don't believe all this Jewish stuff about how the Jews are God's chosen people, or how God gave them the patch of sand known as the present day Israel a long time ago.

And they want it back. They want their farms, their orchards, their houses, their villages and their land back.

That's the real reason we have violence in the Middle East.

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