Thursday, July 13, 2006

The "Big Dig" Gets Shut Down

Are any of you still surprised?

Associated Press Writer
Inspectors on Thursday quadrupled to 240 the number of possible ceiling bolt problems in a Big Dig tunnel where a woman was crushed by falling concrete, a still-closed section at the center of Gov. Mitt Romney's push to oversee the safety of the troubled project.

The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority said inspectors found additional bolt assemblies that were separating from 3-ton concrete roof panels, raising the number of defects over previous inspections that found 60 defects. The earlier defects were enough for officials to order a sweeping review of every roadway, tunnel and bridge in Boston's entire highway system.
Reminds me of a a well covered-up little highway scandal in New Mexico many years back... a repaving contractor shorted a quarter-inch of asphalt on ninety miles of road. Didn't hurt the road much, but the contractor pocketed a lot of extra cash, minus what he paid off the inspectors with.

Shaving on quantity or quality is a great American business tactic, but doing it with the bolt assemblies that hold up a concrete roof is just plain stupid.

Of course, you and I will never know for sure, and nobody will ever go to jail, but somebody made some extra money on this "Big Dig" where they shouldn't have.

Greed in action is a marvelous thing to behold.

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