Saturday, July 15, 2006

Israel And Our Oil Prices

The price of oil briefly surpassed $78 a barrel Friday and finished 4 percent higher for the week after Israeli attacks against Lebanese militants stoked fears of a wider Middle East conflict and possible oil-supply disruption.

OK, just how much oil comes out of Lebanon or Israel? Damn little, so watching the Jews and the Arabs play out Chapter who-knows-what in their endless little turf war shouldn't really affect the world price of oil too much. So why does it?

We are told stuff like:
"The run-up in oil raised concerns about inflation and the economy at large, sending stock prices tumbling"
or bovine excreata like:
"OPEC has tried to reassure the market by stressing its commitment to "order and stability," but at the same time said it "has no influence" over the geopolitical turmoil underlying today's volatility."
However, OPEC does have every sort of influence of the cost of oil. They can change the cost of oil at any time and for any reason, because they control the huge Middle Eastern oil infrastructure ironically built by American dollars.

The world's largest user of crude oil for decades has been the United States. Israel's only reason for it's continued existence in the Middle East has been the total support given it by the United States federal government... militarily, financially, politically, along with it's veto power on the United Nations Security Council.

The Arabs and Muslims don't have a super-power type military. They can't match the American-provided Israeli military muscle... but they do control the crude oil spigot.

The connection becomes obvious. When the Jews -- fully supported by the American federal government -- start shoving Arabs around more than usual, OPEC cranks up the oil prices. The cost of oil has become their major weapon in their fight against the Jew, one that is in the process of bankrupting America. One plus one is invariably two, no matter what you've been told to believe... or want to believe.

It should be obvious that us ordinary Americans are paying the real price for this Jewish land-grab in the Middle East. It is American skyscrapers that have been destroyed by Palestinian sympathizers. It is American sons and daughters that are dying by the thousands in Afghanistan and Iraq, Muslim strongholds full of yet more sympathizers. It is American tanks, aircraft, warships and rockets in the hands of the Israeli military that is continually raining death on Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East.

Thousands of American lives have been lost, Billions and billions of American dollars spent on this millennia-old conflict between Jew and Muslim over a small patch of desert that both want, in which both sides are supported by nothing more than the beliefs provided by conflicting religious dogma.

And what is the price Israel has paid in the last decade? In comparison, nothing. Some property damaged by a few crude rockets, a few people wounded or killed, some soldiers captured.

Our federal government and our media continue to tell us that oil prices have nothing to do with the Jewish occupation of Palestine. The cost of gas at the pump tells us otherwise.

The looming world conflict being generated by the use of oil as a weapon against America and Israel is one that will be caused by the refusal of other nations to accept an economy-destroying cost of oil. The dismal reality is that if we don't put a stop to this insanity, the rest of the world will.

As I have said before, it matters not to me who wins this fight for a few thousand acres of sand. What I want is to see it ended, so the rest of the world can back away from the coming disastrous confrontation this religious conflict is bringing about, the so-called "War of Civilizations".

So, go ahead America, enjoy the all new record-smashing costs of a gallon of gas, the thousands of American lives lost, the billions and billions wasted on a millennia old religious war, but be sure to send the Jews a thank-you note -- along with many more taxpayer dollars -- this Christmas.

And learn to whistle in the dark.

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