Monday, July 03, 2006

North Korea's Big Bad Missile

This little jewel from Korea Watch (
A grand test to see if current technology can bring down north Korea's super missile failed. However, there is no reason to cry over missed missiles, since north Korea's super missile, the TaePoDong 2, does not exist.
Prior to her defection to south Korea, Kim Kil Song was a much sought after technical writer at the Number 2 Natural Science Institute in north Korea. This institute provides the technical expertise, planning, testing, and development of many north Korean weapon systems, including north Korea's missiles.

According to Kim, development of north Korea's HwaSong 6(Taepodong 2) missile started in 1987 after Kim Jong Il gave on-the-spot guidance to the Number 2 Natural Science Institute saying that - "If we can develop this, we have nothing to fear. Even the American bastards won't be able to bother us. Whether we live or die, we must quickly develop the HwaSong 6."

Mrs. Kim says that north Korea does not have the funds, technology, or expertise to develop a missile with the capabilities attributed to the Taepodong 2. "It would seem impossible for north Korea to, in such a short time, complete development of the Hwasong 7(Taepodong 2)," according to a press report published by the Joongang Ilbo's North Korea Net
Well now. I suppose it is too much to expect the Bush gang to be aware of this, but they most likely are, so it looks like they're just shaking the old fear stick again in yet another attempt to keep us all worried and compliant.

One other thing... North Korea has not yet demonstrated the capability to produce a re-entry vehicle, something vitally critical if you don't want your payload to burn up during re-entry, even from a sub-orbital flight.

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