Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Racially-Based Fight

Streamwood, Illinois:

“The African-Americans and the Hispanics, they were just attacking each other today,” said student Sarah Sullivan. Police from Streamwood and several surrounding suburbs responded after a racially-based lunchroom brawl quickly spun out of control. “It was at least 40 kids fighting, then it traveled all the way up to the 2nd floor. They fought inside the offices,” said student Deshawn Cavin."

Turns out they had been dissing each other on Facebook and Twitter and it spilled over into reality.

I've said for years that the blacks and the Mexicans would be at each others throat one day. The millions of Mexicans that are spilling across our borders have been taking over the jobs and neighborhoods once belonging to blacks.

Look at south Los Angeles. The invading Mexicans have almost completely ethnically cleansed the blacks from areas that have been traditionally black for decades. That does not sit well with the brothers, and now it seems their kids intend to deliver some payback.

It must be quite a shock to all those PC liberals and progressives to realize one of the largest inter-racial fights recently had no white males involved. That must really rattle their world view.

This little dust up between high school kids will stir up already high emotions both sides.

There will be more of this...much more.



Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Amazing how third-world trash does not change miraculously into something better by taking them out of the shacks & abandoned cars they were living in, handing them the earnings & belongings of others, and bussing them into someone else's school district...well, not so much.
The Mexicans are the least of the problem: The Kenyan Communist is bringing in third-worlders from anyplace that wants to dump them here, because - just like the sycophant to the Khazar-Papist cabal that preceeded him - he has bought the "multicultural" lie.
Do you need any greater proof that the Old-Money Filthy-Rich running things into the ground are at least as stupid as the reprobate bottom-feeders they want US to idolize & accept?

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Inherited wealth is at least as great a moral cancer as welfare, possibly moreso due to the sheltered existences, willful ignorance, brazen impudence, doperism, drunkardness, inbreeding & fagitry it appears to chronically enable. Look at our so-called "leaders" and you see these attitudes prevalent below - and poking intermittently above - the surface.
We are running out of ethically-proficient & mentally competent people to run things, and their slots are being filled by those living thoughtlessly off of their trust funds, who never thought for themselves nor worked a day in their lives!
The reprobate trash the Establishment left & right provided to choose from in 2012 is a blaring warning alarm of what is ahead.