Friday, May 16, 2014

Maybe Some Really Bad Bugs?

Oh looky, Mr. Farmer, here come your local USDA agents!

The USDA is now looking for body armor. Level IIIA Ballistic Resistance body armor.

This is just after they started looking for submachine guns on May 15th. Submachine guns with 30 round magazines.

What the hell is going on?  We're talking about the department of Agriculture here. What do they need with automatic weapons and body armor?

Maybe our farms and ranches are about to be invaded by giant mutated ants and spiders.

Or, maybe they are becoming another part of Obama's civilian army he talked of during his first election cycle, the one he said needed to be as large and as well equipped as the U.S. Army? And under direct control of the president?

I'll bet it's all about being embarrassed by that Bundy face-off, where the feds had to tuck their tails between their legs and melt away.

No more of that, by golly!  Next time they'll be armed and armored like a Navy SEAL team. The next Bundy-like confrontation will be another Ruby Ridge or Waco.

What is astounding is that these latest soon-to-be jack-booted USDA thugs will have been once-average Americans like the rest of us. What was that about "Absolute power breeding absolute corruption"?

Our stick-built sheet rock houses won't last a second when these boys show up.

Better beef up that tornado shelter.  Or move to Mexico. All they have down there is roving gangs of bandits. Bandits who readily admit they are indeed bandits.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I'm going to beef up my ammunition stock instead.
When these union-labor, mackeral-snapping, Barney Fifes show up in the wrong place (flyover country/rural America), they're going to find out guys that can shoot the eye out of a gopher at 300 yards are more dangerous than Papist bureaucrats who spend most their time pulling their pud at a desk.

Bob said...


All this crap about trained snipers going for "center body mass" for their kill shot is so much babble, unless they're trying to take out a target at 1,000+ yards.
100-400 yards?
Head shot. More satisfying and no class IIIA Ballistic Resistant Armor to fret over. And nobody gets back up and keeps coming.

Way too many people think the Hollywood version of a shootout - where they blast away at each other with long guns at 50 feet - is realistic.

I once took the head off a sparrow at 50 feet with my wife's snubnose .38 special. And nobody thought that was worth more of a comment than "nice shot".