Thursday, May 01, 2014

Just Keep On Keeping On

NASA has just released the above photo of the pressure suit to be used by our astronauts when exploring Mars.

I would jump for joy and dance around the Maypole (It is May 1st) except for one teeny-weeny problem:

We can't even get to the space station without hitching a ride on a Russian rocket. Beyond that, a  Mars rocket by us is a total impossibility in today's reality.

Buy by golly, we got our Mars spacesuit all ready to go.

I suppose the new strategy now is to hitch a ride on a Russian or Chinese rocket after they establish a Mars spaceport.

A ride to the space station on a Russian rocket - today -costs us over 60 million dollars per astronaut. That's a pretty expensive seat.

How much will a ticket to Mars cost us endlessly generous taxpayers? Maybe NASA will trade pressure suits for seats.

Sad, how far the once mighty NASA has fallen.

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