Friday, May 16, 2014

OK Genius, Name Something

Gotta just love jerks like this. Making a really dumb statement like that, with a Indian standing behind him sporting a head full of endangered eagle feathers. Anyone who has lived close to a reservation knows Indians don't give a damn about the environment. They live in some of the trashiest places on earth.

Just for fun, here are some suggestions he might make if forced to back up his babble:

Solar. Wind. Geothermal.

We all need electricity at night. Or maybe he just beds down at dark after an exhausting day of staying awake.

We all need electricity even when the wind quits. And it does. Or maybe Mr. "Indiana Jones Hat" lives in that Tepee behind him with Mr. "Eagle Feathers Hat" and doesn't need electricity.

Iceland uses it, but Iceland is one big active volcano with a few people living on it's slopes and beaches. Poke a hole in the ground and stream comes out. Providing heat and light for 325,000 Icelanders is magnitudes easier than providing heat and light it for 7 billion, you know, the rest of the planet.

Or maybe Mr. leather-jacket-with-lots-of-fringe(How Roy Rogers!) figures somebody will just go ahead and invent an entirely new technology by noon tomorrow that is pollution free and maybe uses unicorns and rainbows for power.

If nimrods like this want to get up and spurt this sort of nonsense, they better have a viable, workable and immediate alternative, or shut the hell up.

Personally, I'm sick of jerks spouting their idiocy.

You need to understand that anti-everything dudes like this want everybody to return to nature, live in Tepees, or Hogans, or grass shacks, or adobe mud shacks, or in caves, grow your own food, hunt you own meat, tote your own water and use tallow candles for light. Or just disappear from the face of the earth so they don't have to put up with our horrid polluted civilization any longer.

What the heck, looks like he already has his Tepee and eagle hunting partner.  Yummmm. eagle meat!

But are those microphones he's using to spread his babble ?

Come on Neil... tell  me what's better. Tell us all. Tell us all about your "something better".

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Environmental groups get 60% of their money from multinational oil corporations.
This is about driving up prices, not saving the Earth.