Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To Be A Fly On The Wall...

I would love to know what had just been said that that generated the Expressions seen in the photo below:

Somebody really got under their akin...

I would have had to have been a fly on the wall, because I'd never go to any gathering where these two disbarred lawyers were present.

Really... they were both once lawyers, but  "surrendered their licenses" before they were charged with crimes.

He surrendered his license back in 2008 in order to escape charges he lied on his bar application.

Michelle Obama "voluntarily surrendered" her law license in 1993. after a Federal Judge gave her the choice between surrendering her license or standing trial for Insurance fraud.
Lying. Insurance fraud.
It's hard to accept that these two criminals actually made it to the United States White House.



texlahoma said...

I hate to take a cheap shot, but Michelle looks like a guy in drag in that pic, she should put the wig back on.

Off Topic - If you feel like it, see what you think of 5 nuclear carriers in the same harbor, on my blog.

Bob said...

Taking a cheap shot at cheap poeple is legal.