Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Survival Or Suicide?

Allowing people like this to get near a polling booth is suicide.
Ohio poll worker Melowese Richardson is the target of a voter fraud probe after telling a television station she voted multiple times for President Obama, as authorities say she may have voted 6 times in the 2012 election.

She says she voted for Obama six times. How many times was this fraud committed by how many people in how many polling booths?  Enough times to re-elect Obama, an  amateur politician soaking in communist ideology?

It is beyond obvious that voting fraud could have been rampant enough in our last election to turn the tide in Obama;s favor.

Our Republic cannot survive this kind of braindead stupidity, this lawlessness, this "don"t give a damn about the laws" attitude by millions of  ignorant, uneducated and just plain stupid bio-masses we laughingly refer to as citizens.

There was a time when voting more than once meant jail time. Now it's something to brag about on national TV. This ignorant pinhead no doubt believes Obama will give her everything she ever wanted(without having to work for it, of course).  However, she - just like us - will freefall along with the rest of us when the bottom falls out.

But she will blame you and me for her problems, not the  amateur politician soaked in communist ideology she voted for that is driving us over the economic and fiscal cliff.

How many idiots out there actually believe Obama when he claims to have reduced the national debt by two trillion dollars? The undeniable and provable facts are that the national debt has risen by six trillion dollars under Obama. Obama  is a baldfaced liar, driven by his  communist ideology, and blind to the repeated failures of Communist regimes worldwide.

You may think I am racist for making comments like this about two minorities.  Whether that is true or not is not important. What IS important is that Obama is indeed an  amateur politician soaking in communist ideology, and  Melowese Richardson is a lawbreaker that should be in jail.

The dismal fact is that we are committing national suicide by allowing this sort of thing to continue without challenge. If you are one of the many left-liberals that don't think so, then I will get a measure of satisfaction watching your stunned disbelief, your panic and unabashed fear as we all go over the cliff.

That Pollyannish view of the ocean, the shining sun, the gently rolling waves on the beautiful sandy beaches of those paradise islands on the far-off and  mist-hidden horizon - whatever the hell it is liberal fools think is waiting for them, ignores one minor detail -  those rocks at the bottom of the cliff. Our financial and economic system is collapsing and when it does, there will huge riots such as we have never seen, burning cities and mass starvation.

Think it out: The dollar collapses. A dollar won't buy a spoonful of dirt.  Truckers can't buy fuel at any price. Truckers deliver all the food into the big cities. The deliveries stop. All the food stores empty in hours.

If the truckers can't buy fuel for - say - six weeks as the money system is revamped with a new currency(that's what government experts estimate is the time needed) every big city in America will be full of starving and dying people that will try to rush out into the countryside, plundering and stealing, killing anybody for even a can of beans. What they will get is shot dead.

Now you know why the DHS is buying billions of rounds of ammunition. They know what's about to happen.

Whatever marvelous world it is these liberals and progressives - also  soaking in communist ideology -  think Obama and his cronies are creating,  is only in their minds. When they find that this new world of theirs will dish out a much harsher and crueler reality, then we'll all be sorry.

But don't blame everything on that idiot Obama. He's nothing more than a smooth-talking puppet leading a huge pack of useful idiots. Blame the bankers who created all this mess.  Blame those cretins at the Fed and the huge banking systems worldwide who are destroying entire nations. Check their nationalities and their alliances. A few of us already know, the rest will be stunned.

That clueless fool of a Ohio poll worker Melowese Richardson has no idea, never will.  She will never have enough sense or knowledge to even blame the right people. She will only believe she has been robbed of her "fair share", stripped of her heritage, and no matter what reality demands, she will blame the white race for everything.

That's the way she's been raised.  She will go to her grave blaming everybody but herself.

But  I really can't put all the blame on idiots like her.  After my six years of honorable military service, I spent the rest of my life trying to feather my own nest, depending on our elected officials to guard the Republic, to lead the nation on a sane and prosperous path.

That makes me as big an idiot as dear ole' Melowese.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I was a mind-numbed, head-in-the-sand robot for awhile, did me and the country no end of harm.
But NOW, atleast & at last, we see.
We may not be able to save everyone, but we can atleast help those who want out.