Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Is This Insanity For Real?

Senator Barbara Boxer. Over the hill and round the bend.
Time to put her out to pasture.

President Barack Obama and the Democratic Senate are considering sweeping legislation that will provide new benefits for many Americans. The Americans with No Abilities Act is being hailed as a major legislative goal by advocates of the millions of Americans who lack any real skills or ambition.
“Roughly 50 percent of Americans do not possess the competence and drive necessary to carve out a meaningful role for themselves in society,” said California Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Said Boxer:

"We can no longer stand by and allow People of Inability (POI) to be ridiculed and passed over. With this legislation, employers will no longer be able to grant special favors to a small group of workers, simply because they have some idea of what they are doing."

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/02/the-americans-with-no-abilities-act/#HzjzEu54tsuxIPqO.99

It's hard to believe what I'm reading here. A bit of translation is in order:

"employers will no longer" - against the law.

"be able to grant special favors" - like getting hired for a job.

"to a small group of workers" - the ones that a capable of doing the work.

"simply because they have some idea of what they are doing."  What? An employer will no longer be able to hire someone based on experience and skill? That's just plain nuts.

Barbara Boxer has lost her marbles and needs to be removed from office. Even the California loonies, leftists and liberals that keep putting her back into the Senate should realize that this new law will go against them, a law that will give the mentally deficient, the unskilled and just plain stupid front line privileges for any available job.

And employers might just as well close up shop and lock the doors if they can't hire the people they need to stay in business.

Bottom line... If Boxer really means this, she is no longer mentally capable of performing her Senatorial tasks.

California, get rid of her.

"President Barack Obama and the Democratic Senate are considering sweeping legislation that will provide new benefits for many Americans." That's just plain nuts also.

They are crazy to believe that.  Forcing employers to hire a bunch of clueless morons will absolutely destroy any business, resulting in zero benefits for anybody.

Putin was right... He recently said that Obama is either stupid or intentionally trying to destroy the American economy. I believe Obama is both.

One thing for certain: Obama is not the intellectual genius his admirers think he is. Without his writers and teleprompters, he's just another tongue-tied bumbler.

It's time to take the gloves off people... these lunatics are getting ready to cause some real damage.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

She looks like 20 miles of bad road.
Still debating whether to let you in on this one or let ya stew a bit...

Astrosmith said...

Um, sorry to disappoint you, but:

In other news, Kim Jong Un was named Sexiest Man of the Year:

Bob said...


I did ASK whether it was real or not...

I'll check deeper next time.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Yeah, that email, in various forms, has been circulating since the mid 90s.
I even twisted it into a blog post.
Be consoled by the fact most WND articles are just about as equally rooted in fact.
I don't buy the bilge of the "Blue Book Bubbas" (JBS).