Thursday, March 01, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43

Andrew Breitbart passed away unexpectedly from natural causes shortly after midnight this morning in Los Angeles.

Andrew recently wrote a new conclusion to his book, Righteous Indignation:

I love my job. I love fighting for what I believe in. I love having fun while doing it. I love reporting stories that the Complex refuses to report. I love fighting back, I love finding allies, and—famously—I enjoy making enemies.

Three years ago, I was mostly a behind-the-scenes guy who linked to stuff on a very popular website. I always wondered what it would be like to enter the public realm to fight for what I believe in. I’ve lost friends, perhaps dozens. But I’ve gained hundreds, thousands—who knows?—of allies. At the end of the day, I can look at myself in the mirror, and I sleep very well at night.

Young, healthy, warrior for freedom.

Died unexpectedly at 43.

Maybe he should have had a food taster.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Yeah, or atleast quit smoking that shit.
Most young "warriors for freedom" these days have a sad servitude to The Chronic/similar poison.

texlahoma said...

I think you're right about food taster, or wine taster.
It's too big a coincidence that he died the night before he was going to release a video showing Obama and his little commie friends plotting to overthrow the government from within.