Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Copeland Spode Jasperware

The above photo shows a part of our collection of 100-year-old mint condition Copeland Spode Jasperware. Since none of our family is interested in this stuff other than to peddle it when we kick off, we figured we might as well sell the stuff ourselves.

The Internet shows a Canadian dealer selling just one of those glasses for $220.00. That's his asking price of course, but it still surprised me.

I was going to use E-Bay and PayPal to unload all this, but I've heard some real nightmare stories about how the creeps that do the buying claim the stuff was not as advertised or whatever, and then Pay Pal refuses to send you your money, the stuff never gets returned, and the whole issue vanishes into a black hole.

To hell with that.

Anybody got any idea on how to find reputable buyers for things like this?

Wife says she'd rather toss it into the garbage than give it away at garage sale prices.

Me? Hell, how much do you to want to offer?


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

1. Try an ad in the local paper.
2. Local antique stores would atleast give you an honest appraisal.
3. If you have a radio/TV station that does a buy/sell/trade show, you might find a buyer that way.
(The Canadian merchant HAS to charge more because 2/3 of his price will get handed to Der Schtaat).

Anonymous said...

Where are you located? I'll come buy it. Please don't junk it, it's too beautiful!

Bob said...

posting as "annonymous" will not get an address.