Sunday, February 12, 2012

Communist Van Jones On The rise Again

Van Jones impressing typical braindead college students(in rear)

San Diego – Van Jones, the former Obama Administration green czar who resigned in controversy, appears on the fast track to a political comeback merging as a star at this weekend’s California Democratic convention and lauded by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as a “leader of the future.”

Jones lost his job as Obama's "Green Czar" when it was revealed he was a active Communist.

What a shame.

We should have let him stay all cuddled up next to his Good Buddy Bro Obama to constantly remind us all who and what is in the White House today.

This photo reveals more than just Jones being himself. That 300 pound triple-chinned typical American female with the sack of chips and the soda pop bottle nestled in front of her? Smiling as if she had good sense.

And that pitiful four-eyed geek eyeballing her for potential sweaty-body activity later on? Perhaps thinking she might actually be worth it? Sad.

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