Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Technically, He's Right

Except his tricks are paid for by willing customers.

One must wonder just what kind of contraceptive she's using if it costs $3,000 for three years worth, since most women's pills cost about $10/month.

30 years old and still in college. That ought to help explain all this. To give her some slack, she did graduate from Cornell University in 2003 with two degrees, including one in feminist, gender and sexuality studies.

You can get a degree in feminist, gender and sexuality studies? How many businesses do you know that need that sort of educational background?

How times have changed.

Below is the kind of Fluke I'm familiar with:

One of the major differences between these two flukes is the one I'm used to you have to plug some wire leads into, the other one you have to plug yourself into. (After making certain the taxpayer has done his duty)


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping you're on vacation or just got bored for a bit: The blogosphere would be a much darker place without you.
Personally, I have no problem with women using contraception/having abortions, but if I have to buy my condoms, why can't they spring for their own abortions/pills?
Yeah, I know. James Belushi put it best in Red Heat:
"Makes too much sense. F&@#in' politicians'd never go for it."

- Galt-in-Da-Box

Bob said...

Just sick as a dog for awhile. All I wanted to do was either sleep or stare mindlessly at the boob tube... Like a Obot.