Saturday, October 08, 2011

Let Me Count The Ways...

Read the below closely, it's a sympathy-grabbing lament from a 33 year-old female that followed the Yellow Brick Road and now is disappointed that the mighty Oz isn't jumping in to save her:

She has two degrees. She fails to mention in what. But I'll bet serious money neither one is a degree that is useful in today's business climate.

She says she has had no income for two years. What she fails to mention is that a job at Wal-Mart or McDonald's - however temporary - is beneath her. She also fails to mention that she has - no doubt - been collecting unemployment, and can use the Medicaid program and the local emergency rooms for her health concerns, which at 33, are minimal.

She claims she is "no slacker". Congratulations. You go girl. But if you've been hard at work pushing a car with no engine down the road believing you would get to ride later, and now you have discovered all your sweat equity has amounted to zero? Tough. Bad choices. Happens to the best of us.

She says she has to walk now to the library every day to look for work. The library? That should be a clue as to what her two degrees are in. How about the want ads?(no way... those jobs are for the bottom feeders)

33 years old... and a poster child for how to make all the wrong choices following the feminist dream.

Now she wants to blame Wall Street for her bad luck, a direct result of her personal choices.(the Occupy Wall street.Org at the bottom)

Go flip hamburgers. Or stock shelves. There are plenty of jobs out there that will help pay the bills, even if you may have to occasionally co-mingle with the unwashed in flyover country. Get two jobs if you must. Learn to speak Spanish, so you can compete with those 12-20 million Mexican Nationals that have invaded the United States.

And then learn to live with what those jobs pay.

That's what the rest of us are doing.


Ted Amadeus said...

1. Women do not THINK, they "feeeeeel".
2. When Universal Sufferage doubled the workforce, it halved the pay (Econ 101...Younks don't fkn do the math).
3. It's a freaking miracle we are not communist or worse with these kind of morons taking up so much space in the nation. If she's really going to the library, she needs to invest serious time there in reading real books, instead of the indoctrination system's propaganda, or - the more likely - chatting with her FaceBook friends on the free Internet.

Desert Cat said...

She could always find an "arrangement" with an older man--support for "services rendered". Heh.