Sunday, October 09, 2011

Heroes, Past And Present

Superman Yesterday... Turdman Today

There are disgusting scenes that show the Occupy Wall Street protesters creating and living in unsanitary and filthy conditions.

Exclusive pictures obtained by Mail Online show one demonstrator relieving himself on a police car.

No doubt he has acquaintances that think his conduct is top drawer, cool, hip, really rad. Hey, That's OK, it's a free country, but the rest of us - those of us with a bit of civilized conduct still guiding our public activities - Are free to escort him and his pals into the nearest sewer where they can crap away to their hearts content.

They claim to be protesting the thieves and crooks on Wall Street. They say they are sick and tired of being plundered by corrupt government and the money handlers in the big banks and the Fed. I can certainly agree with all of them on that.


They are also demanding debt forgiveness, free college, free food, free housing. Did I miss anything? Oh yes, free sex. 24/7 free sex.

OK, they can file bankruptcy(that's debt forgiveness), and then go find free housing and free food at the city dump. They can burrow into the mountains of trash and create really nifty little burrows to play house in. They can: -1) compete with the seagulls for food, or: -2) eat the seagulls. Or - as mentioned above - they can go live in the sewers, where another pile of crap wouldn't even be noticed.

But it's doubtful... guys like the one in the photo too far gone to be salvageable - just to damned ignorant to ever be anything but what he is... A stupid fool, getting his 15 minutes of fame by publicly crapping on a police car.

Pity any non-thinking simpleton that admires this guy.

Oh yes...

The free sex? Hardly worth mentioning. America has millions of witless youngish females with incredibly high opinions of themselves(and incredibly empty heads), who will spread wide at the drop of a pin. Get pregnant? No prob, there's pills for that. And coat hangers. Get VD? No prob, there's pills for that. Get used up and thrown away? Maybe Big Sis is working on a pill for that also.

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Ted Amadeus said...

They don't have anything to think with, having lived in momma's basement and mom & dad were both dopers.

Hey kids, a few clues:
3. SHUT UP, until you can actually say something other than a Donk talking point you heard on (P)MSNBC
4. LEARN SOME BASIC SKILLS: Clean up after yourself, use proper English, TALK instead of text & say something OTHER than "Honky be ALWAY pickin' awn me!"... In short: