Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1 Israeli = 1,027 Palestinians

Israeli Soldier, 477 Palestinians Freed in Prisoner Swap

There will be another 550 jailed Palestinian to be freed next month under the deal between Israel and Hamas.

We are told that Sgt Shalit, 25, was seized in 2006 by Hamas militants who tunnelled into Israel.

How are we supposed to interpret all this?

Right off, the claim that Hamas "Tunnelled" into Israel sounds more like another Israeli attempt to gloss over anything that might reflect on them poorly. The youngish Sgt. Shalit was most likely snatched when a few Hamas snuck across a poorly guarded section of the border and grabbed the first unaware Jew in sight, that being the unfortunate Sargent, apparently doing something other than guarding his section of the border. There were reports originally(but quickly squelched) that supported this view.

Here are a few possibilities:

-1)That this soldier is so valuable to the Israeli war effort that they would release over a thousand of the enemy to get him back?

-2)That the Jews just got tired of supporting 1,027 Palestinians in their jails?

-3) That the Jews think so little of a Palestinian Arab that a thousand of them are worth less than one Israeli soldier?

-4)That this prisoner swap is a sign that peace is about to bloom in the holy land?

-5)That the Jews have now become such world-class humanitarians that they will use any excuse to free over a thousand erroneously jailed Arabs?

Take your pick.

But, regardless of your choice, a thousand-to-one ratio makes no sense. The Jews may be happy to get their soldier back, but giving up over a thousand prisoners - most of which by now will gladly slit any Jewish throat they can get their hands on - seems a bit foolish and short-sighted.

Political pressure can cause governments to do some really, truly stupid things. This prisoner swap shows that the Israeli government is not immune to this flaw.

They keep this sort of thing up and next thing you know, they'll be competing with the United States Federal government for the title of "Stupidest government on the planet".

Time will tell.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Much like the squelched initial reports, something else likely squelched was a phat jack transfer - Saudi oil money, most likely - to get all those murdering Islamic fanatics back out on the streets and ready to kill again.
A little-known fact to most of the West is the inherent leftism and atheism with which much of "The Promised Land" is rife, especially it's government:
What kind of idiots hand over land they paid for with blood (probably MORE money that changed hands under the table)?
We KNOW our gov is whored out to foreigners and special interests, so it's not hard to conceive of Israel as similarly configured.