Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Drums Of War... They Sound Again... At FOX

This from FOX News:

U.S. lawmakers call alleged Iranian-backed plot to kill Saudi diplomat an 'act of war' and State Department issues travel warning for Americans to watch for attacks connected with plot as tensions flare between Washington and Tehran.

The FOX news team, all of them, are vigorously stirring the pot for another middle East war, this time with Iran.

In a campaign quite similar to their Weapons of Mass Destruction mantra that helped Bush to attack Iraq, they are beating the drums over what they call "Alleged" ties of a terror plot and the Iranian government in what they are calling "an act or WAR".

That's pretty damned irresponsible, even for FOX news.

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Ted Amadeus said...

FauxNews ("We distort, you get lies!") is 80% Papist, and that lot are 100% invested in the Military Industrial Complex, so they will rant for war when and wherever it may be found.