Saturday, May 21, 2011

Obama Turns On His Jewish Supporters

Obama's demand that Israel return to the pre-1967 borders amounts to a death sentence for a place barely hanging by it's fingernails.

Stunning as the demand was, it is far more telling since, during his presidental campaign, he sought out Jewish support and promised all manner of things to the Jews.

In March 2007, Obama said in an address to pro-Israel supporters in Chicago:

We should all be concerned about the agreement negotiated among Palestinians in Mecca last month. The reports of this agreement suggest that Hamas, Fatah and independent ministers would sit in a government together, under a Hamas prime minister, without any recognition of Israel, without a renunciation of violence, and with only an ambiguous promise to ‘respect’ previous agreements…. We must tell the Palestinians this is not good enough.

That's just for starters. In a 2008 release called "Jews for Obama" you can find this amazing statement:

More than most, Jewish Americans have benefited from progressive ideas and inclusive politics, and no candidate better represents that tradition than Barack Obama. In fact, there is something essentially Jewish about Obama’s political philosophy. “One” is the golden thread that runs throughout Jewish thought and belief . . . Oneness is a Jewish frame of mind. In his speeches and public statements, his legislation and his voting record, he has proven himself to be a stalwart friend of Israel, committed to helping Israel in its search for peace with its neighbors, while standing strong with Israel against those who do not share this vision.

Incredible. The Jews thought Obama's "progressive ideas and inclusive politics" would be a great benefit to them. This "release" is signed by prominent Jews all across America.

The final statement of this release is:
Upon careful examination of Barack Obama’s record, we believe he has the policy instincts, judgment, wisdom, and passion that we need in our next President of the United States. We hope that American Jews everywhere will join in our support for Senator Obama.

Hilarious in its myopia. Time for another examination of his record.

Two realities come to mind here. One, that the Jews here in America are - and have been for decades - promoting the concept of big government with total control in which more than most, Jewish Americans have benefited from progressive ideas and inclusive politics, and two, that Obama used them to gain power without them ever realising he is a closet Muslim.

One begins to understand why there are so many Jews in our government and banking institutions, our schools, our news media and in places like Hollywood. They are stauch Progressives at heart and have no interest in a genuine representative government of any kind, but only in a government that, first and foremost, represents them.

Things are now making sense. How could a non-performing junior Senator from Chicago sweep the field to become president? Massive Jewish support: Money, media, organization. And now we discover that this junior Senator - now president - is actually a Muslim sympathizer.

Seems the Jews actually sold themselve down the river by convincing themselves Obama was their man.

However, the real losers in all this is not the Jews. It is America and the average American citizen who has been used and robbed for decades in this endless conflict between two incompatable religions.

A 2,000BC civilization fighting an 8th century civilization. What is 21st century America doing in the middle?

That's a really stupid place to be.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Remember that the GOPhers are even more Whored out to BanKhazar/KikeBancUSA than comrade 0bammunist, due to their perpetual personal debt and religious delusions.
Knowing the pool of Fortunate Sonsofbitches our dear leaders come from, I don't see a clear upside here.