Wednesday, May 18, 2011

513 Potential Wetbacks Stay Dry


Packed together in the tightest of cabins, with little air to breathe and no space at all in which to move, the migrants in this picture show just how far some will go to try to sneak into America.
Mexican police found the 513 agonisingly squashed together in two trucks just outside Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas - an eye-watering 18-hour-drive away from the nearest US border.
They were caught when the trucks sped through a vehicle scanner at a police checkpoint. After the astonishing X-ray image came up on screens, police gave chase, finding 240 people in one truck and 273 crammed into the other.

What the scanner picked up:

Seems the Mexicans are doing a better job than Bis Sis and her gaggle of badge-polishing professionals.

Yessir, Mr. Obama, you anorexic idiot, our borders are totally under control.

Notice how they were referred to as "migrants"? BS... they were about to sneak in, break our laws, suck up on our safety net... you name it.

Another thing... It was A British paper, not an American one, that broke this story.

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