Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Dismal Prognosis

Vox Day, the author of the blog "Vox Popoli", is a very smart man. I have followed his blog for over three years and have found little of what he says to dispute.

Vox Day is his pen name of course. He is actually Theodore Beale, a man who has an IQ that may be unmeasurable by normal means. He predicted the messes we are in today... correctly, and is currently predicting some other quite dismal futures for us all.

His most recent post "The Inevitable Return Of Racism" is an important read, no matter your position on the issue, which may be politically correct but completely wrong.

Says Vox:

It is becoming increasingly obvious that there was a legitimate reason underlying the imperialist European's concept of the White Man's Burden. Those who harbor a distaste for observable reality can shriek "racism" all they like, but no amount of moral self-preening or politically correct histrionics is going to change the fact that certain groups have repeatedly and reliably demonstrated a complete inability to maintain the societal infrastructure that is required to sustain Western-style civilization. There is no need to delve into potential biological or cultural explanations to simply observe what is not only historically and empirically obvious, but increasingly undeniable.

There are those who will immediately shriek "RACISM" without even considering what evidence there may be to support Vox's statement.

To them, I suggest taking a hard look at the way things really are in America. Go read the rest of his article.

Things are indeed falling apart. If you stop listening to the talking heads, the bimbos, the comedians and the lying politicians on TV and start looking behind the sound bites and one-liners, the cute slogans and catchy zingers, you will start to notice the slowly rising level of panic that is everywhere.

I will bet a federal reserve note or two that even you have felt a twinge of... something... perhaps over the cost of gas, or the rising cost of food, the falling dollar, the exploding support in America for Sharia law, or maybe the violence of those two girls in McDonald's whose hatred was so powerful they could not stop themselves. Something has perhaps rung an inner alarm bell deep inside you.

But if not, hey... Keep on keeping on. Enjoy the summer, Grasshopper.


rainywalker said...

Two Federal notes, am I getting half of nothing? Great post.

Ted Amadeus said...

I fear for the lives of the white-guilt laden liberals, who are damn likely to be the first against the wall when the Reconquista revolucion comes. "We can evade reality, we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality." - Ayn Rand