Thursday, June 03, 2010

Time For Total War


The Mexican government is opening a satellite consular office on Catalina Island -- a small resort off the California coast with a history of drug smuggling and human trafficking -- to provide the island's illegal Mexican immigrants with identification cards.

When they issue the first card, we Americans should arrest the entire consular office staff and deport them.

I am fed up with all this treasonous conduct from these anti-American Mexicans - legal or otherwise - in the United States and their demands that we ignore their criminal activities. I am disgusted that we tolerate their collapsing government in Mexico that repeatedly spits in our faces.

But it's not just Mexican illegals, it's the whole disgusting batch of them.

I am disgusted with a president and Congress that fellates those despicable American businessmen who want this illegal alien work force for no other reason than to increase profits. Arrest all those law-breaking businessmen and Congresspeople who are behind this, throw them in jail and toss away the key. The human misery they are - and have been - causing is monumental.

Twelve to twenty million illegals here now? I do not care how long it takes... Round up and deport every one of them we can find. Arrest and jail any American or Mexican-American, or Chinese, or Vietnamese, or(fill in ethnic origin of your choice here) who harbors or hires an illegal, regardless of race, sex, age or national origin. And no more becoming an American citizen just because your illegal parents managed to have you born here.

You say the price of our vegetables will double? So how does that compare to the huge cost of supporting 20 million illegals ? Illegals who pay no taxes, contribute nothing to the community except to raise the crime rates, illegals who are taking our jobs, killing our citizens, raping our women, polluting our schools and bankrupting our hospitals? Illegals who have overloaded and are destroying every safety net we have created in this nation that was intended for our own citizens?

Arrest and jail the Mayors and City Councilors that have made "Sanctuary Cities" of their towns.

Arrest and jail any damned idiot that invades our city streets demanding rights for criminals. And if they're waving a foreign flag in the process, arrest them for treason and for attempting to overthrow the government of the United States. If they are an illegal, deport them.

I'm sick and tired of pressing 1 for English. I'm sick and tired of seeing all our government entities having to print everything in Spanish so a few ignorant illegals can feel more comfortable while breaking our laws.

These invaders are laughing at us. They think we are the dumbest people on the face of the earth. They are working at taking away everything we are and own, while we fret and stew over whether we should stand up for ourselves... Or just roll over and die.

Such actions would be a human tragedy? Inhumane? The UN would have a hissy fit? The cranky old men at the Hague would yell foul? Too freaking bad. This human wave of illegals, this army of invaders is destroying us as a nation and a people. Just look at the human tragedy we Americans are experiencing by allowing these invaders to have their way. Schools breaking down. Hospitals being closed. Exotic foreign diseases being spread throughout our population. Welfare costs skyrocketing. All our religions and our morals under full frontal attack.

Everywhere, state and local governments are facing bankruptcy trying to support, educate, heal and house this army of ignorant and anti-American illegals.

Not to mention the thousands apon thousands of lives being ruined by the drug smugglers who invade our country with total impunity. Drug smugglers who have bought off who knows how many policemen and politicians. We need to find these bought-out scum and put them where they can make little rocks out of big rocks for the rest of their despicable lives.

Seal the border. Air tight. Electrify it and post warning signs(press 2 for Spanish) that the fence will electrocute them. Have the U.S. Coast Guard board and search every single boat that comes in from anywhere in Central or South America. Boats found to be hauling the drugs that are killing Americans should be sunk on the spot, the crew arrested and executed. Have border agents board and examine every airplane from the same places with the same results. Sorry, no exceptions. This is a war of survival.

Lastly, announce to the world that legal immigrants are fine and dandy.

If countries have citizens that want to come to America, they can apply at(a reopened) Ellis Island, learn decent English and take an oath to support and protect the United States of America.

Just like all the others before them. If they don't want to do that, to hell with them.

Just like our grand and great-grandparents did.

I'm starting to get angry. And what was it that David Banner always said?

"Don't make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry."

One other thing... No more of this slimy "dual-citizenship" crap. Either you are an American citizen, or you are not. Period.

Like I said:



Ted Amadeus said...

Soon to be 40 million.
Wetbacks have this hobby, it's called breeding. Why not, when you can leech off the greengos?
You already know about the "synagogue of Satan" running our financial scene, but if we don't, like you said, round up all these sweatshop and share-crop operations hiring them - the vast majority of which are Papist-owned and operated* - we're going to be the minority by the end of this decade.
The Grand Old Papists love the cheap labor and Donk Khazakhs like Sunstein love the votes AND cheap labor.

*if you don't believe this, come to Indiana & see for yourself how the "Holy Mother" Cult caters to the wetback population.

Bob said...

"going to be the minority".

Ted, check out the CIA factbook on population statistics worldwide.

The white race represents only around 6 1/2 percent of all the people on earth. Now that's a real minority.

Whites have always been a tiny percentage when viewed in the global context.

And yet, these "equality" pukes have us convinced that evertbody else is a minority.